Monday, April 18, 2016

Doce Vika Vintage: Latest update...

An amazing Russian teapot with the "Cherry" pattern from Lomonosov Porcelain Factory, an item from the 1990´s.

Vintage French Shot Glasses, super retro & kitsch, aren´t they?

Lovely vintage light blue crystal vase, it is perfect size for a ultra cool pencil holder. 

Super romantic set of sugar bowl and creamer from Polish porcelain factory Walbrzych with the Sheraton Rose pattern

The creamer is simply adorable

Another super romantic item, a tea set with cup, saucer and tea plate from Bavarian porcelain factory Seltman Weiden.

A pair of tea cups from former East Germany factory Freiberger Porzellan. I love the red poppies pattern.

A gorgeous vintage trio of tea plates from Bohemia Ceramic Works, this is a set from the 1930´s

A magical vintage sugar bowl in pressed glass.

A vintage creamer in pressed glass

This one is really gorgeous, another sugar bowl in heavy glass.

Store Update

I have updated the store today and here you can see some of the items that are available to the public. The good news is: I have uploaded a new shipping prices which will make the purchases a lot cheaper. The down side of the lower prices is: (1) Only valid for packages up to 2kg (2) it does not offer tracking system. However, if you wish to make a purchase and prefer to track your order all the way, from our home to yours, it is also available. I have inverted the situation. Now, instead of contacting the owner in case of wishing a cheaper untracked shipping, you have to contact the store owner in case you wish a more expensive tracked shipping.

If you are not happy and have opinions to offer, go ahead and tell me what you think.
What are you waiting for? Come and make a visit to Doce Vika Vintage

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