Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Amazing Colors of Mid Century German Pottery

Carstens Tönnieshof Jug Vase Pattern 1522/14

Strehla Bowl

VEB Haldensleben Vase Pattern 28041A

Strehla Vase Pattern 1227

VEB Haldensleben Pottery Jug Vase

Ilkra Edelkeramik J.L. Knödgen Vase Pattern 1028/10

 Steuler Candleholder designed by Cari Zalloni

Strehla Ceramic Bowl 

Carstens Tonnieshof Vase 1526-23 

Steuler Candleholder
148-10, Designed by Cari Zalloni

Mid Century Modern German Pottery

We have some really lovely pieces of East and West German pottery in the store these days. These are some of my favorites, they are very colorful as I really enjoy a complete pallet. These pieces are from Strehla, Carstens, Steuler, Ilkra and VEB Haldensleben, but we have many more at the store if you are interested.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Blue Glass Series 3: Magnor of Norway Glass Vase

Blue Glass Series 3: A Magnor of Norway Hooped Glass Vase

This lovely not so tall (16,5cm) cobalt blue hooped handmade glass vase is part of a series of hooped vases with many sizes and colors. The entire series is very pretty and is very appreciated in the Norwegian vintage market. Made by Magnor, a Norwegian glass giant, it is definitely worth more in the domestic market than in the international scene. This vase no longer has the original label, but I have seen vases exactly like this one, in many vintage stores and markets around Norway, all with the label "Handmade Magnor, Made in Norway". The pity is that I have never managed to find out the name of the designer who developed this series of hooped vases to Magnor since I have never been able to find any one of Magnor's old catalogs. Actually I am not even sure there were any catalogs with the names of the designer. Anyway, it is always pity not know the name of the designer...

This beauty is for sale here

By the way, we have in stock another vase like this one, except that it has four hoops instead of three. You can find the vase with four hoops  here

Friday, October 7, 2016

Blue Glass Series 2: Tamara Aladdin "Taalari" Cobalt Blue Ashtray

Blue Glass Series 2: Tamara Aladdin "Taalari" Blue Ashtray

Nobody smokes these days anymore, I mean, smoking is more and more an vilified thing of the past. Not fair with the ashtrays though. They were always some amazing beautiful ashtray art out there and they should keep coming. All mid century glass manufacturers included ashtray in their collections, it was part of life and it was an inherent part of creation. Not so much anymore. The other day I was browsing Christiana Glass Magazin and there aren't any ashtrays in line there... Even if less, people keep smoking, mostly outdoors or for therapeutic reasons but the ashtrays are gone. Too many vintage ashtrays out there and they are so pretty that it is impossible to ignore. Better adapt. You can use the beautiful piece for candy, for nuts, for salt or even as a ring dish. Why not? This one was designed by Tamara Aladdin for Riihimäen Lasi of Finland. A cobalt blue textured glass with the "Taalari" pattern designed by Tamara Aladin in 1973.

This beauty you can find here