Monday, May 30, 2016

Amazing Art of 1960s and 1970s German Pottery

Vintage Strehla Keramik Vase

Vase by Former East German producer VEB Haldensleben. Light brown Dark Gray Fat Lava Decor, Design 3077 C

 Bowl Made in Former East Germany by Strehla Keramik

German Bay Pottery Vase 604-17, Bodo Mans Design, West Germany

Carstens Tonnieshof Vase 7556-17 Turquoise with brown& blue

East and West German Ceramics

I must confess it was not love at first sight but, fortunately now I can say that I can not live without them in my life. 

Yes, I am talking about the amazing pieces of pottery made by manufacturers in former West and East Germany. Many are the companies, the greater part ended their activities in the 1990s. Some of these companies started before the war, others after the war, all of them had a lot to say after the end of the war. They definitely said in all on clay. Pottery manufactures absorbed and embodied the bold spirit of that time, oh, the zeitgeist and molded it the way only they thought possible. These works are bold, messy, shocking, filled with the renovation and reconstruction which marked the years of the 1960s and 1970s. It is all there, in the gigantic numbers, in the works of the German pottery makers. Some see greater beauty in the former Western Germany pieces. I see the power and boldness in both sides of the wall. They were putting their souls in those amazing pieces, so much art in every little decorative vase, candleholder and bowl which left Germany. 

They are easy to collect, there are so many of them out there, but impossible to complete, no way one can to keep track of all the design and the hundred of glazes used... they are far too many. Not a bit less interesting because of it.

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More German pieces to come...

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