Friday, June 3, 2016

For the love of the soft and dark pewter

For the love of pewter

I love pewter and I am never tired of admiring the delicate work of the Norwegian pewter manufacturers. They are so pretty, well made and naturally full of references and meanings too. They were everywhere, in every Norwegian home, but slowly the power of pewter is starting to fade. Not many people still admires this soft dark metal the way they used too. Not even Norwegians.

What I call the "Great Houses of Norwegian Pewter" are slowly disappearing, closing doors and an old custom is about to change, the uses and abuses of pewter. I understand, some people are exhausted of pewter, the society has shown signs of a pewter hang over, but I can´t stop myself from repeating it: we will see a pewter come back and when it does, let´s all hope the beautiful Norwegian pieces were not all melted away...  I keep mine safe and sound.

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