Friday, September 30, 2016

Blue Glass Series 1: Cobalt Blue Textured Freeform Ruffled Finnish Art Glass Vase

Blue Glass Series

We have some beautiful blue glass items in stock and I am totally in love with all of them. Talking about "poliamore" at a glass level I am... My initial plan was to make a post with all the blue beauties we have on stock but since I have a terrible time editing photos I just could not pick only one of each piece. So, what was supposed to be a post became a series and to open it you have some images of a gorgeous, medium size, textured, free form ruffled, Finnish Art Glass blue glass vase. It is labeled and the label states: Art Lasi, Made in Finland, nothing else. I have other pieces by this manufacturer but have not been able to find the name of the designer. Anonymous, or not, is just beautiful anyway...  

You can find this lovely vase for sale here

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