Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Amazing Colors of Mid Century German Pottery

Carstens Tönnieshof Jug Vase Pattern 1522/14

Strehla Bowl

VEB Haldensleben Vase Pattern 28041A

Strehla Vase Pattern 1227

VEB Haldensleben Pottery Jug Vase

Ilkra Edelkeramik J.L. Knödgen Vase Pattern 1028/10

 Steuler Candleholder designed by Cari Zalloni

Strehla Ceramic Bowl 

Carstens Tonnieshof Vase 1526-23 

Steuler Candleholder
148-10, Designed by Cari Zalloni

Mid Century Modern German Pottery

We have some really lovely pieces of East and West German pottery in the store these days. These are some of my favorites, they are very colorful as I really enjoy a complete pallet. These pieces are from Strehla, Carstens, Steuler, Ilkra and VEB Haldensleben, but we have many more at the store if you are interested.

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