Friday, March 31, 2017

The Russian Charm of Iittala's Tsaikka Tea Glass

Tsaikka, maybe Iittala's most Russian style glass design

The Russian Charm Behind Iittala's Tsaikkas

The habit of drinking tea in decorated fine glasses is the traditional way in many countries of Asia and the Middle East. However, no other tea glass is as adored and appreciated as Iittala's Tsaikkas. The metallic base, to hold the hot glass, is very Russian and I bet they were introduced to Europe through Russia a country which also pioneered the design of porcelain cups. Tsaikka, Iittala's iconic hot tea glasses, designed by Timo Sarpaneva, is super-duper Russian- Slavic, including the name. The line, designed by Sarpaneva in 1957 and still in production, is very different from the modern art glass pieces Sarpaneva would be famous for during the 1960's and 1970's. There is a certain ethnical touch to the design of the entire series, which emanates from the bold base with the handle in form of an "eight" giving also a mystical touch to the design. After 60 years, Iittala's Tsaikka remains a must. They come and go in our store. We have had many of them and currently  have some in stock. Never for very long...

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